Encouraging Innovation in a Speed-to-Market World

Seen as a cost effective competitive strategy, the speed-to-market process is practiced in most healthcare projects today. This shift in healthcare building delivery has shortened the traditional design process, leaving little room for design thinking but also requiring clients to go into their projects knowing exactly what they want. Once the speed-to-market process begins, clients do not have time to change their mind, which can be troublesome.

To address this shift, CAMA has begun to engage design thinking earlier in the process in order to ensure best practices and innovations are instilled.


Deep Thinking

Innovation and great design starts with deep thinking. We integrate many strains of research to inspire new ideas.

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Strategy Development 

Embedded within teams, we deliver actionable strategies based on collective values and decades of industry experience.

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Synthesis & Storytelling

By synthesizing deep thinking and strategy development, we can spot relationships, themes and patterns that lead to insights, opportunities, and a collective project language.

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Design & Implementation

Rooted in empathy and a comprehensive understanding of healthcare delivery, we plan and create inspirational environments and programs that support the future of care delivery. 

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