Rejuvenating Aging Community Infrastructure: Driving outcomes in Educational Environments


The East Lyme School district is enhancing the interiors of three of their elementary schools- Niantic, Flanders and Lilly B. Haynes. CAMA’s scope includes new floor and wall finishes in all public spaces, corridors and classrooms as well as new classroom furnishings. Using school mascots and signature colors as inspiration for palettes and patterns we customized the design motifs for each school to enhance a unique sense of place.  The Haynes school mascot is an industrious bee which is incorporated into the corridor floor patterns, an H is interwoven into the cafeteria floor pattern and their signature blue is used as the predominating accent color. Niantic has traditionally had a nautical theme that is now played out in wave patterning in public space flooring in watery greens and blues. Flanders has the All-Stars and their motif of stars is integrated into the floor patterning and their accents and trim color is the team burgundy. Each school is proud of their imagery and pleased that it will continue to inspire and define the learning environments.