Our product line was founded to address the gaps that were inhibiting the development of dignified, supportive care environments. Based on the intelligence we have gathered, we help enunciate and develop products by working with handpicked manufacturers, artisans and publishers who share our values.



CAMAflage by Skyline Design

Inspired by patients and families to design dignified healthcare experiences, CAMA collaborated with Skyline Design to offer privacy screening solutions that could serve as an alternative to cubicle curtains. The partnership led to the creation of glass screens that promote dignity in care environments by providing the necessary levels of visual privacy.

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CAMA Chaise Sleeper

Designed to enable comfortable family engagement during a loved one's hospitalization, the simple and easily convertible CAMA Chaise Sleeper cradles family members in a comfortable nook that converts from a chaise by day to a sleeper by night.

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