Our product line was founded to address the gaps that were inhibiting the development of dignified, supportive care environments. Based on the intelligence we have gathered, we help enunciate and develop products by working with handpicked manufacturers, artisans and publishers who share our values.


CAMA Bed Chair

Therapeutic touch has a tremendous impact on the healing process. Patients who receive massage therapy or simply a compassionate caress from family or friends are better able to manage stress and cope with pain. They sleep better and recover faster. Touch has even been found to boost the immune systems of cancer and HIV patients.

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CAMA Glider

The IoA Healing Touch Collection has expanded to meet the needs for stress reduction in any environment through style, comfort and motion.

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CAMA Chaise Sleeper

Designed to cradle family members in a comfortable nook that converts from a chaise by day to a sleeper by night.

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