Artist Spotlight: Eileen Eder

Connecticut oil painter, Eileen Eder is opening the 2018 year Artist Showcase for the Healing Arts Gallery at Smilow Cancer Center (Yale New Haven Health).

Morning Glow  by Eileen Eder

Morning Glow by Eileen Eder

In an artist statement on her website, Eileen says the following about her work at Smilow: 

"Nature and the Arts have the power to heal our minds and reach our souls. My hope is to provide visual and spiritual joy to individuals passing through this hallway.

The waterscapes are from the New Haven County shoreline and were painted with the visitors of Smilow in mind... My goal was to celebrate a sense of poetry from the natural beauty of our coast along with capturing light qualities of both time of day and weather. 

I am grateful to have been invited to share my passion for painting with you in this exhibit.

Beyond the Frame  by Eileen Eder

Beyond the Frame by Eileen Eder

Opportunity  by Eilieen Eder

Opportunity by Eilieen Eder



The Hospital Art Program at Smilow Cancer Center contains over 700 pieces of original art and serves to provide emotional healing for patients and their families. Part of the program is the Healing Arts Gallery: a solo-exhibition gallery that showcases collections of work by New England and Mid-Atlantic artists. The gallery, curated by CAMA, rotates every 6 months. 

Eileen's exhibition runs through June 2018. To learn more about Eileen, visit her website at