Commissioned Artist, Alison Berry, Talks About the Paradigm Shift in Her Artistic Approach

CAMA commissioned conceptual cartography artist, Alison Berry for the newly renovated Emerson Resort & Spa, located in upstate New York. 


Visit the lobby at The Emerson Resort and Spa to experience Berry's Watershed: The Flow of Time Through Place. Berry’s painting explores the evolution of the Catskill region and the waterways that contribute to New York City’s water supply. The series of 7 adjoining panels, created with acrylic, ink and pigment on Evolon microfiber mounted on linen, are 36 inches high and total 49 feet in length.

Read about Alison's background and what inspired her to have a paradigm shift in her art technique here.

Watershed is the first piece in the Emerson Resort and Spa’s new curated art collection. The art collection reflects the mission of the Emerson Resort and Spa as well as the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson: immersion in nature is restorative.