Patients as Partners

Medical College of Georgia

Medical College of Georgia

“Cancer clinics are often alienating spaces. We wanted to include healing elements such as natural light, outdoor views, artwork, native plants and calming colors to remind patients that there is life after cancer.”

- Nettie Engels, MCGHealth Patient Advisor

A nationally recognized leader in patient-and-family-centered care, MCGHealth chose a select group from their patient advisor program of more than 250 members to act as decision-makers in the planning of the new Cancer Center.

“Every decision made in designing the facility was aimed at furthering MCGHealth’s dedication to Patient Family Centered Care and included the active participation of local cancer survivors,” explains Rich Bias, Senior Vice President of Ambulatory and Network Services.

Patient advisors provided valuable insight into the patient experience, advocating for design features that would contribute to an environment more conducive to healing.  The resulting 57,000 square-foot facility houses medical oncology, supportive care, clinical research, clinical trials and translational research programs.  The building is strongly connected to nature and daylight especially from any one of the 30 chemotherapy infusion stations.  Here, patients experience panoramic views and access to a 4,000 square-foot rooftop garden.