Community Living Model Webinar Series

Leeway, CAMA, HoodenpyleGil and multiple stakeholders are working together to create a "Community Living Model" which will provide services and support to individuals living with multiple chronic illnesses in the community. Leeway Inc. is a respected organization in the city of New Haven that has an accomplished history of serving people with multiple chronic illnesses through diverse phases of care including skilled nursing facilities, residential care housing, supportive housing, and independent living. 

In 2015, Leeway received a grant from the Connecticut Department of Social Services to create a support system for these individuals that would help them stay out of institutional care. The anticipated outcome from this work is to reduce costs in the community by supporting choice and quality of life for people living with multiple chronic diseases.


Leeway, an integral part of the continuum of AIDS care, is committed to being a center of excellence in providing inpatient rehabilitative and palliative care so that those with AIDS can live as independently as possible. This expert care is respectfully provided with compassion and without regard to race, national origin, age, religion, handicap, gender or sexual orientation with a focus on the integration of body, mind, and spirit. We are committed to promoting quality of life and dignity to all those with HIV/AIDS.