Design Thinking

The CAMA Design Lab offers thought leadership and consulting services in evidence-based, design thinking.  In collaboration with our clients and their teams, CAMA frames design challenges that need solving, collecting and sharing knowledge through a variety of venues, workshops, deep dives, case studies, project playbook, lectures, and publications.



Interior Design

The CAMA Design Studio provides full interior design services defining, solving, communicating, and implementing creative solutions that improve outcomes and experiences.


product design

The CAMA Collection LLC., partners with artisans and manufacturers to develop innovative products that support health and wellbeing.  The Collection addresses the gap in the kit-of-parts needed to fully develop interior environments that impact human behavior.





  • When we first started this, I thought of the hospital building as more of a container than anything else, but now I’m realizing that the design of the building and its interior features actually contribute meaningfully to better clinical outcomes and a safer, less stressful environment, and one that reduces infections as well as operating costs.
    — BARRY RABNER, President and CEO Princeton HealthCare System
  • I am sitting at the Cancer Hospital waiting for my husband to be admitted after a GI procedure. Your paintings are in the waiting room…and I must tell you they are beautiful. I particularly love one of a marsh at high tide with a sunny sparkle on the water. A very serene touch in a place that seems well designed to cater to patients and families that might be feeling anxious.
    — FAMILY MEMBER, comment delivered to the artist
  • Hello Rosalyn...I presented some the colloquium on beauty at Yale a few years back. I remember, quite vividly, your presentation. I was so moved by the way you spoke and the changes you were making in the world of design. I have to tell you that my mom was recently, and suddenly, diagnosed with cancer. She was accepted into a study at Smilow and we’ve been there quite a bit. Every single time, I marvel at how integrated and important the artwork and design are. I’m grateful we crossed paths, and I am deeply grateful for your work in this field.
    — KATE