Empowering Wellbeing through Design 

Since 1983, CAMA has made people the priority in each project, ensuring all can thrive and flourish in the places they live, learn, work, play and heal. 


CAMA is a health design lab, studio, and collection that has spearheaded the evidence-based design movement. By practicing a seamless weave of research, team leadership, consulting, prototyping, and interior design, we imagine and create environments and experiences that empower wellbeing.



Innovation and great design starts with deep thinking. We integrate many strains of research to inspire new ideas including: ethnographic shadowing, interviews, and workshops, immersion with analogous industries, benchmarking best practices, and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative peer-reviewed research and thought leader contributions. 

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Deep Thinking



Strategy Development

Embedded within teams, we deliver actionable strategies based on collective values and decades of industry experience. With each engagement we aim to identify project opportunities and assess disruptive threats, evaluate relevant emerging tech trends and new operational models, and create actionable tools to carry out project values. 



Synthesis & Storytelling


We spot relationships, themes and patterns, that lead to insights, opportunities, and a collective project language. This can include: 

  • Integrating insights, voices, and values into goals and measurable outcomes
  • Designing and facilitating methods for gathering feedback and building consensus
  • Developing project visual identity, brand, and voice


Design & Implementation

Rooted in empathy and a comprehensive understanding of healthcare delivery, we plan and create inspirational environments and programs that support the future of care delivery, including: 

  • Translating project aspirations and programs into beautiful, functional, flexible environments
  • Prototyping and visualizing design concepts to gather feedback and keep the people we design for at the center of the process 
  • Full traditional design services, from Concept Development to Documentation for Construction

Giving Back

CAMA is actively engaged in professional development both locally and nationally: locally, through high school shadow programs, college internships, graduate level fellowships, and work with New Haven based non-profits, and, nationally, through board-level participation within our professional society, ASID, and The Center for Health Design. At CAMA, we are a for-profit firm with a social consciousness.

Education & Speaking Engagements

CAMA is dedicated to advancing the movement around wellness and our environments. We question how our environments can better function for whom they serve, and find new ways to leverage research to inform our design decisions. We believe that fostering awareness through publications, teaching, and lecturing is essential to transform design practices and processes.  

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