What makes you passionate about CAMA?

"Interior design is composed of many tasks that keep every project fresh - each day is a new series of inquiries into products or client needs. These interactions bring unique issues to the table requiring creative problem solving and we do it with things like color and furniture and use of space to empower people to live better lives."


Edward S.K. Bottomley, Partner


For the last 30 years, Edward has contributed greatly to CAMA’s success as a nationally recognized healthcare design firm. Edward continues to move the profession forward in his current role with The Center for Health Design to accredit the practice of evidence-based design.

An advocate for community advancement, Edward participates in New Haven’s non-profit organizations in leadership positions. In 2015, Edward was inducted into the American Society of Interior Designers’ College of Fellows, the Society’s highest honor and bestowed on less than 1% of membership.