Alzheimer's Resource Center

Co-creating Healthier and Happier Communities

Through a design thinking process, CAMA with HPG created the ideal consumer experience through the transformation of community based services and supports.  Through a 3-day retreat with the ARC team,  we targeted community stakeholders to solidify vision and required actionable steps. Creating the right questions and strategies, the process resulted in shared values that continue to yield discovery of how places and spaces influence and impact this experience

The team also created a cohesive and dynamic plan and process that integrates the voices of those living with and impacted by Alzheimer’s/Dementia as well as other local, state, and national stakeholders. Another deliverable accomplished is the creation of visual and written documents that illustrate the vision and spark conversation for input, enlightenment, and buy-in to the project. The team also Identified best practices and evaluated the local/state/national initiatives and funding streams that will support a viable business plan.


SCOPE: Project Voice and Vision, Co-Creation Workshops, Thought Leadership, Evidence-Based Design Consulting; Strategy and Experience Consulting  

PARTNER: HoodenPyleGil; Leeway