What makes you passionate about CAMA?

"With a passion for design and social justice I believe that design thinking can enhance society. I believe our environments at every scale can make us healthier and help us thrive."


Tanya Paz, Senior Designer

Tanya  joined CAMA in 2016 as a Senior Designer with the intention of merging her interest in design, wellness, and health policy. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and her Masters in Architecture from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. Her background in architecture and policy allows her to create and advocate for beautiful spaces that heal & enhance society.

Tanya’s health advocacy and design work has taken her from Rwanda to Latin America - notably as a Fulbright Scholar funded to evaluate new processes for architecture and planning in resource-limited settings. She later spent several years as an early member of MASS Design Group focusing on deploying human-centered design methodologies to support the delivery of care domestically and abroad.

More recently, she has focused on applying knowledge gained from her projects overseas to health facilities in the US, deploying human-centered design methodologies to support the delivery of care. Her creativity, passion and diverse experience in the healthcare sector will help CAMA continue to lead the future of health & wellness design.