Research & White Papers

Utilizing an evidence-based methodology, our CAMA Design Lab frames and solves our client's design challenges by collecting and sharing knowledge through a variety of formats including workshops, deep dives, White Papers, lectures and publications.

Our ongoing series of Research and White Papers explore how the built environment impacts health and wellbeing. Follow CAMA as we investigate a wide range of topics such as art, color, nature, patient experience, sound, technology and touch. Learn how these topics influence how we all live, learn, work, play and heal; and discover how this research is shaping the latest trends in health and wellness design. 




How can design harness the healing power of touch and promote physical contact between patients, loved ones, and caregivers? 


How does spending time in nature affect our brain, body, and overall health and wellbeing? How might rekindling our connection with nature help reverse negative health trends?                                           


Art programs surprise and delight the senses, often resonating deeply with patients and families coping with the stress of illness and injury.


In the current Experience Economy, experiences are becoming the predominant economic offering. Learn more about this shift and how patient and family experiences are being reimagined in healthcare settings.


Learn how design is being used in the healthcare industry to perpetuate healthier eating habits.                                  


How can we utilize technology in a way that not only enhances patient care, but supports the relationship between patient and practitioner.