Our Philosophy

CAMA is a health design lab, studio, and collection that has spearheaded the evidence-based design movement.

At CAMA, we strive to design a LIFE INDOORS where you can thrive and flourish. We seek to design interiors that improve our health and wellbeing while supporting our constantly evolving lives.  We think about people and the places in which we live, learn, work, play and heal.  At CAMA, we design experiences that delight the senses. 

 CAMA, Inc. is organized around our evidence-based thought leadership and consulting services housed in the CAMA Design Lab and the execution of those ideas through the CAMA Design Studio that provides full interior design services creating interior environments designed to improve outcomes and experiences.  

Working primarily in the healthcare sector, CAMA utilizes credible research to make decisions about the built environment to achieve the best possible outcomes. In 2009 its President, Rosalyn Cama, authored Evidence-Based Healthcare Design, John Wiley & Sons.

CAMA has endured for over 30 years and continues to thrive. Throughout the firm’s history, CAMA designers have anticipated emerging trends and have deftly adapted to their clients’ changing needs. Today, CAMA finds itself once again on the brink of a major shift in practice as healthcare begins to emphasize preventative medicine over curative. As the body of knowledge that supports design’s impact on human behavior grows, CAMA is well-poised to use this intelligence to further improve health and wellbeing indoors.

Giving Back


CAMA is actively engaged in professional development both locally and nationally: locally, through high school shadow programs, college internships, graduate level fellowships, and work with New Haven based non-profits, and, nationally, through board-level participation within our professional society, ASID, and The Center for Health Design. At CAMA, we are a for-profit firm with a social consciousness.

ASID - The American Society of Interior Designers

The American Society of Interior Designers is our professional organization and CAMA has volunteered and led both at the state and national levels.  The society serves to continue our education in practice and advocates for professionalism.  The firm has had three Chapter Presidents.  Additionally, both Roz and Ed have served on its national board and numerous of its committees. Liz has served on its Emerging Professional Council and Roz has acted as National President and Foundation Trustee. Both Roz and Ed are ASID Fellows and Roz has been named a Designer of Distinction.

1% - The 1% Program

The 1% program challenges architecture and design firms nationwide to pledge a minimum of 1% of their time to pro bono service. The program connects firms willing to give their time with nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance.  Aside from ASID and CHD, CAMA employees have volunteered for many non-profits both locally in New Haven and nationally.  Both Roz and Ed have held leadership positions in these organizations.


CHD - The Center for Health Design

The Center for Health Design is a non-profit that focuses on the research, education, and advocacy needed to design better healthcare buildings.  Roz, Ed, and Liz are EDAC-certified.  Roz is Chair of the Board and has received The Russ Coile Lifetime Achievement Award.

Planetree Visionary Network

After passing a peer-reviewed process CAMA was inducted into the Planetree Visionary Network. Planetree espouses to principles that are patient-centered in care delivery and facility design.

WBE - Woman Business Enterprise

Through the State of Connecticut, CAMA is considered a Woman-Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise (Woman-Owned S/MBE).  Through the State of Texas, CAMA is considered a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.