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The Cama Collection, LLC is addressing the gap in the kit-of-parts needed to fully develop interior environments that impact human behavior. The intelligence gained from each project’s performance leads to new ideas and opportunities to improve anyone’s Life Indoors. In our work as thought leaders and as design practitioners we have partnered with both publishers, artisans, and manufacturers in the launch of this collection.

CEU: The Healing Power of Touch

CEU: The Healing Power of Touch

CEU: The Healing Power of Touch

CAMA Chaise Sleeper

CAMA Chaise Sleeper

IOA Healing Touch Collection

CAMA Bed Chair

CAMA Bed Chair

IOA Healing Touch Collection

Evidence- Based Healthcare Design

Evidence- Based Healthcare Design

Evidence- Based Healthcare Design


A Hug a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away



Numerous studies have confirmed that touch is connected to many therapeutic benefits, including, reduced stress as we well as improved sleep, memory and pain management. Even so, Western medicine has been slow to harness its healing and restorative powers. We live in a touch-deprived culture and unsurprisingly, place more faith in medical machines than hands.

The Healing Power of Touch CEU encourages people to consider the human dimension of healing when designing medical spaces. Explore the remarkable sense of touch and learn how to harness its healing powers within the built environment.

This program will provide 0.1 IDCEC & EDAC credit and 1.0 AIA LU credit.

The CEU can also be presented as an educational tool for students, nurses and more.

The CEU has also been presented to undergraduate and graduate college students

The CEU has also been presented to undergraduate and graduate college students

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CAMA Chaise Sleeper

CAMA Chaise Sleeper, IOA Healing Touch Collection

Designed to enable comfortable family engagement during a loved one's hospitalization, the simple and easily convertible CAMA Chaise Sleeper cradles family members in a comfortable nook that converts from a chaise by day to a sleeper by night. It is the newest piece in the Healing Touch Collection by IOA Healthcare Furniture.

With the ease of a front pull release, the seat deck slides out to the needed Chaise Sleeper depth.

With the ease of a front pull release, the seat deck slides out to the needed Chaise Sleeper depth.

Most families have little opportunity to relax and feel at ease while caring for their loved one in a hospital setting. Current furniture provided in patient rooms are uncomfortable and located far away from the patient bed, which consequently, inhibits the ability for family members to fully engage with the patient, making the patient feel isolated and lonely.

Comfort is Key - Engineered to allow multiple seating positions such as side-sitting and lounging, the height and angle of the back creates a supportive hug-like sitting position, while the angle of the chaise position promotes eye contact with the bedridden patient. 

With the ease of a front pull release, the seat deck slides out to the needed Chaise Sleeper depth. Families are encouraged to engage in active communications with the patient as well as with the other visiting family members. Because of the variety of comfortable positions, families can also provide company to the patient while maintaining daily activities such as working or reading.

Quickly after its release, The CAMA Family Chaise Sleeper won the 2016 Nightingale Silver Award in the Seating: Guest/Lounge Category and was a finalist for the 2016 Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Awards.

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The CAMA Bed Chair by IOA Healthcare Furniture

CAMA Bed Chair, IOA Healing Touch Collection

The first offering in the IOA Healing Touch Collection is the CAMA Bed Chair, a height-adjustable, three-position recliner that supports more intimate interactions at the bedside:

1) Lullaby, where the patient and their family can lie head to head for sustained eye contact, hand holding, and co-sleeping.

2) Tete a Tete, where the patient and their family sit facing one another; an ideal position during periods of wakefulness.

3) Eye-to-Eye, which allows patients, family, and caregivers to sit at the same level for improved communication. 

The genesis of the CAMA Bed Chair arose from the realization that touch can be incredibly therapeutic, especially to those within hospital settings. CAMA developed a white paper on the healing power of touch which later developed into an AIA/EDAC/IDCEC CEU presentation.

Since its release, the CAMA Bed Chair has won numerous prestigious awards including the Best of Competition award (overall) and Gold award in the Seating: Patient Category at the 2016 Nightingale Awards, as well as the 2015 Interior Design Best of Year Award for the Healthcare Seating category.

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Evidence-based Healthcare Design 

Evidence-Based Healthcare Design by Rosalyn Cama

If designed properly, a healthcare interior environment can foster healing, efficient task-performance and productivity, effective actions, and safe behavior.

Written by an expert practitioner, Rosalyn Cama, FASID, this is the key book for interior designers and architects to learn the methodology for evidence-based design for healthcare facilities.

Endorsed by the American Society of Interior Designers, the guide clearly presents a four-step methodology that will achieve the desired outcome and showcases the best examples of evidence-based healthcare interiors.

With worksheets that guide you through such practical tasks as completing an internal analysis of a client's facility and collecting data, this book will inspire a transformation in healthcare design practice.