National Hug Day - How Hugs Heal

Today is National Hug Day! There's nothing more assuring than a comforting cuddle but did you know hugging has real health benefits?

We think this Huggies Commercial explains the power of hugs pretty well! 

To learn more about the Healing Power of Touch, read our white paper and read below to learn about our Healing Touch Collection!  

The IOA Healing Touch Collection strives to improve the patient experience by bringing family members closer together & harnessing the healing power of touch. The collection is a collaborative effort between CAMA Collection & IOA Furniture.

The sense of touch develops in the womb & is believed to be the last sense to leave us. While numerous studies confirm many therapeutic benefits associated with touch, Western medicine has been slow to harness its healing powers. 

Often overlooked, everyday physical affections such as hand holding or hugging are fundamental to effective communication, the development of loving relationships & our overall well-being.

Both the CAMA Bed Chair & CAMA Chaise Sleeper promote physical contact between patients, loved ones & caregivers; comforting all and improving the patient's experience.

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